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Although simple, removing the front fork telescopic (TFF) seal on a motorcycle without special service tools (SST) can cause work accidents for mechanics and loss for consumers and workshops. Therefore, product development research has been carried out to design a seal remover for TFF. Then, a TRL measurement using Techno-meter was done on the prototype that has been developed. A quick measurement by Techno-meter shows that the prototype has reached level 6 (intermediate), where the prototype has been demonstrated/tested in a relevant environment. In conclusion, through continued work (reviewing products, improvising, and testing prototypes on a larger scale), this prototype promises to be mass-produced as downstream of research products to the market.


Seal Special service tool Telescopic front fork

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Susilawati, S., & Buchori, A. S. (2019). Design and Application of Special Service Tools (SST) for Telescopic Front Fork. Automotive Experiences, 2(2), 53-58.