Published: Nov 8, 2019

Design and Application of Electronic Tracking Control Systems (ETCS) to Improve Vehicle Safety

67-72 Roni Muhammad Susanto, Taufik Nurrochman, Suroto Munahar, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan
Read Statistic: 73

Catalytic Transesterification of Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel: Effect of Oil-Methanol Molar Ratio and Reaction Time

73-77 Diah Ayu, Rizca Aulyana, Esti Widya Astuti, Kusmiyati Kusmiyati, Nur Hidayati
Read Statistic: 60

Trends in Lightweight Automotive Materials for Improving Fuel Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions

78-90 Gunawan Refiadi, Iis Siti Aisyah, Januar Parlaungan Siregar
Read Statistic: 132

Diesel-Biodiesel Blend on Engine Performance: An Experimental Study

91-96 Agus Choirul Arifin, Achmad Aminudin, Roby Mahendra Putra
Read Statistic: 123

Effect of Cassava Biogasoline on Fuel Consumption and CO Exhaust Emissions

97-103 Mujahid Wahyu, Hadi Rahmad, Gabriel Jeremy Gotama
Read Statistic: 124