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This study aims to increase students’ creativity of preparing and serving non-alcoholic drinks. Broad-Based Education and Life Skills are applied in learning activities. XI grade students of Restaurant 1 Program are involved as the subjects. It is conducted in the 2nd semester in SMKN 3 of Magelang. Based on observation, it is found that the creativity of concocting drinks is 61.56% and increases in Cycle I to 72%. In Cycle II it increases to 100%. Juggling skills increases from 60% to 75% in Cycle I, and to 100% in Cycle II. Students’ achievement increases from 70% to 78% in Cycle I, and to 100% in Cycle II. Hence the implementation of Broad-Based Education and Life Skills can enhance students’ creativity in Prepare and Service Non-Alcohol Drink.


creativity service non-alcoholic drink life skills

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Hastuti, B. (2019). Mengoptimalkan Kreatifitas Prepare and Service Non-Alcohol Drink melalui Broad Based Education and Life Skill bagi Siswa SMK. Paedagogie, 14(2), 49-52.