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This study aims to analyze the level of management students' interest in choosing a
career as a marketing professional. The main encouragement of this research is caused by the
empirical study about the difficulty of finding work with limited employment, many people
put aside work to become marketing, in other words marketing is not become a priority.
Whereas, we know that marketing is the first step in starting a career in a company, because
marketing is the spearhead of the company in introducing products to consumers. The sample
of this research consisted of 200 management students in sixth semester and management
students in eight semester who had taken marketing management courses. Based on the
results and discussion of this research, it can be concluded that self efficacy and technology
environment have a positive effect on students' interest in starting a career into marketing.
While risk management, motivation, locus of control, and the social & cultural environment
do not affect students' interest in starting a career into marketing.



Marketing Management Risk Self efficacy Motivation Locus of control Technology Environment Social and cultural environment

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