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This study aimed to analyze the meaning of fundamentalist-radical Islam, its relationship with the Islamic formalization movement, and the political motives behind embodying fundamentalist-radical Islam. Through a literature review, this study found that the term of fundamentalist-radical was not a term that emerged from the treasury of Muslim thought but came from the West, associated with church conflict. Furthermore, this term was used to intimidate the Muslims who want to formalize Islam in the order of state constitution. However, historically, Islamic thought and formalization movements have historical roots that are quite strong in Indonesia and globally capable of creating tolerant civilizations, maintaining security, and creating prosperity.


Formalisasi Islam Fundamentalis Radikal

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Mastori, M. (2020). Islam Fundamentalis-Radikal: Stigmatisasi atas Gerakan Formalisasi Islam. Cakrawala: Jurnal Studi Islam, 15(1), 54-66.