Analytical Hierarchy Process Sebagai Evaluasi Supplier Alat Kesehatan Dan Obat – Obatan Di Rumah Sakit Muhammadiyah

  • Abdurrahman Faris Indriya Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik
Keywords: Supplier, Criteria, Alternatif, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Muhammadiyah


Supplier selection is one of the important things in purchasing activities for companies, because the selection of suppliers is very influential on the quality of a product. One way to choose the right supplier for the company can be done using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, the Analytical Hierrarchy Process method is a decision-making method developed to give priority to several alternatives when several criteria must be considered. Some things that need to be considered in selecting suppliers are: delivery, quality, service, past performance, payment. This research was conducted at one of Muhammadiyah's business charities, namely at the Muhammadiyah Clinic or Hospital. This study aims to find out the best supplier for Muhammadiyah  Hospital. This study uses a descriptive quantitative research approach. With the use of samples from this study is the decision making in the purchase of clinics and medical devices or Muhammadiyah Hospital. The results of the data analysis concluded that the indicators of quality, service acceleration, supplier credibility were at stake in determining the best supplier for the procurement of drugs and medical devices for clinics or  Muhammadiyah hospitals. While from the overall simulation results Supplier Q was rated as the best supplier for Muhammadiyah Hospital, because overall of all Supplier Q criteria had the highest value compar d to other suppliers.


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