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Learning motivation is one of the factors that can determine the success or failure of learning, therefore the study of factors that can increase learning motivation is needed, because motivation to learn is an encouragement that makes students have the desire, attention so as to be able to become a driver of students to realize behavior in this case is a behavior for learning. One variable that has an influence on students' learning motivation is the educator's communication style. Thus the purpose of this study is how the influence of the educator's communication style on learning motivation. This type of study is a quantitative study. The sample in this study were 100 students from two schools, namely Al-Firdaus Mertoyudan Middle School students and MTs Mamba'ul Hisan students. The types of data in this study are primary data collected using a questionnaire. Data analysis using Structural Equation Modeling. with the help of SmartPLS software. The results of this study are communication styles that can affect students' learning motivation including manipulative, aggressive, and assertive communication styles. Aggressive communication style has a significant negative effect on students' learning motivation. On the contrary, manipulative and assertive communication styles must be maintained because they can increase students' learning motivation. Meanwhile the non-assertive communication style proved not to have a significant effect on learning motivation.


Communication Style Educator Learning Motivation

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