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The research aimed at: (1) obtaining the illustration of preparation and development of  SDIT ( Integrated Islamic Elementary School) Hidayatullah Yogyakarta education; (2) obtaining the illustration of the preparedness of input aspects especially students’ characteristic, teachers, and infrastructures of SDIT Hidayatullah Yogyakarta; (3) obtaining the illustration of Full Day School teaching process in terms of planning, implementation, assessment, and supervision; (4) knowing the learning outcomes of Full Day School for students’ development especially academic achievement, obedience to practice religious rituals, Islamic morality, and Islamic character of SDIT Hidayatullah Yogyakarta students. The type of the research is program evaluation using CIPP (Context – Input – Process - Product) evaluation model. The approach used was Mixed Method Research. The location of the research was SDIT Hidayatullah Yogyakarta. The data were collected using questionnaire, interview, and observation and analyzed using Descriptive Statistics. Based on the research result, it can be concluded that: (1) the preparation and development made by the school were conducted through 3 activities: providing scholarships for 10 % of the total students who are poor, school’s marketing showed good effect shown by the number of students who had registered had been higher than the number of students who had been accepted, and all stakeholders were involved in developing education. (2) Students’ character : aged between 10-12 years old, 86% had been to TK (Kindergarten), 53,5%  students had working parents, 90% students were wealthy and 10% were poor; teachers’ character : 93,3% held S-1 degree from Public Universities or accredited Private Universities, 56% faculty of education, 70% had more than 4-year teaching experience, and 87% had more than 24-hour teaching hours, infrastructure preparedness was good, except that the office infrastructures were not yet perfect. (3) the teaching plan was in good category with the score of 73%, the implementation of teaching was very good with the score of 56%, the study assessment was very good with the score of 86,7%, and the supervision toward teachers was very good with the score of 60%. (4) The learning outcomes were in the form of academic achievement in good category with the score of 78%, students’ obedience to practice religious rituals was good with the score of 59,5%, Islamic morality was in good category with the score of 55%, and Islamic character was in good category with the score of 60%.


Educational Program Evaluation Full Day School

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