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Islamic Elementary School Al Firdaus as a favorite Islamic private school in Magelang Regency must have a school quality development strategy so as to always create a culture of continuous improvement. Data analysis is done by determining the identification of internal and external issues that influence the preparation of a superior school quality management design strategy. The results of the study concluded that the position of the quadrant from the calculation of IFE and EFE is quadrant 1 or SO (Strength Opportunity). The score of the IFE calculation is (3.01) at the axis axis point in the SWOT quadrant. While the value of the EFE calculation value is (3.26) which is at the point of the ordinate axis in the SWOT quadrant. So that the position of Al Firdaus Islamic elementary school position lies in quadrant I with coordinates (3.01; 3.26) which shows the SO strategy, namely Al Firdaus elementary school must avoid progressive strategies, namely utilizing the strength and capacity it has to take opportunities it faces.


SWOT Strategy Superior School

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