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This paper aims to explain the reward (al-tsawab) and punishment (al-iqab) through the BISKUIT approach in Islamic education. This is a response to the need for a formula that is accepted as general standard in giving reward and punishment in education and learning processes. This is a library research using Descriptive-Qualitative ways. The data collection is used content analysis process. Analyzing, reducing, and proceed the data with data interpretation into substantive theories were taken to process the data.  Finally, it is concluded that BISKUIT approach is a normative approach in the basis of social, religious and basic considerations.  Beside that, the word "BISKUIT" is an abbreviation of some importance elements before deciding reward and punishment."B", for the size of an event, "I", based on Islamic teaching, "S", for the situation that happened at that time. "K", gender "U", age. "I" the intensity or frequency of the action, and "T" for the consistency of the action.


Reward (Al-Tsawab) Punishment (Al-Iqab) BISCUIT Approach

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