Unimma Current Legal Research known as the UCLR is a peer-reviewed Journal of Legal Studies published by Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang. This journal published biannually (February and August) in the electronic version. The aims of this journal are to provide high-quality research and writing related to law. Areas that relevant to the scope of the journal cover: business law, criminal law, constitutional law, administrative law, Islamic law, and international law. An electronic version of this issue is available on our website. The Editorial Board shall not be responsible for views expressed and the language used in every article.

Editorial: Introducing Unimma Current Legal Research


Dear Colleagues, 

It is our great honor and pleasure to introducing Unimma Current Legal Research (UCLR) as the one of journals in Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang. In parallel with the establishment of UCLR, UCLR has been launched as legal studies journal in Indonesia. We take the coalescing opportunity for author to submit in UCLR without Article Processing Charges (APC). In accordance with the above prioritizing scientific fields, we would like to publish articles encompassing a wide variety of fields. The UCLR is an online open access journal (http://journal.ummgl.ac.id/index.php/uclr/index). We are launching the UCLR in February 2019, and biannually publication is planned. I, as the Editor‐in‐Chief of UCLR, hope your article's contribution is very helpful in the development of science in the field of law.



Warm Regards,


Chrisna Bagus Edhita Praja

Editor in Chief

Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Vol 1 No 1 (2019)

Published: 2019-02-27

Analisis Yuridis Saksi Pendukung yang digunakan oleh Penyidik Polres Mungkid

Elisa Maharani Dewi, Danika Rahma Sukma, Ulima Dheani Artanti, Bambang Tjatur Iswanto

Dissenting Opinion Majelis Hakim dalam Perkara Pidana di Pengadilan Negeri Mungkid

Yustika Sherli Widya Pramesti, Lutfi Rifatul Nikmah, Dian Ayu Meika Putri, Heni Hendrawati

Ahli Waris dalam Keadaan Tidak Hadir (Studi Kasus Nomor 97/Pdt.P/2019/PN Mgg)

Siti Suwarti, Lita Hardiwati Hartini, Dwi Yoga Bayu Setiaji, Heniyatun Heniyatun

Dasar Pertimbangan Penyidik Polres Magelang dalam Penentuan Alat Bukti Tindak Pidana Korupsi

Rizki Wardani, Verent Nadya Chrismonita, Refia Damaika, Basri Basri
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