The Legal Protection Of Tubing Business Management As A Water Tourism Destination In Magelang Regency

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Dian Arifa Fatimah
Dyah Adriantini Sintha Dewi
Suharso Suharso


Tubing is the activity of surfing over the river by using a tire in a truck / bus (large tires) that are designed in such a way as to accommodate someone on it. Tubing activities have become a community phenomenon or community tourism activities that are considered as cheap water tourism destinations and can be reached by all levels of society.

The phenomenon of tubing is an interesting scientific study, so the author will write specifically about the legal protection of tubing business management as a water tourism destination in Magelang regency. Identification of issues to be studied includes, regulation of business permit for tubing management in Magelang regency, legal protection for tubular management and users, and ideal arrangement for tubing management effort.

The purpose of this research is to know the regulation of the tubing business permit, to know the legal protection of the manager and the tubing user and to get the ideal arrangement for the business. This study uses legal research methods (legal research) through two approaches namely the approach of law and conceptual approach.

The result of this research is from 22 (twenty two) managers of tubing business only 1 (one) who have business license, while permit obtained has not optimal function of legal protection so that required an ideal form of rule to give protection and certain legal certainty . Ideal arrangements include government and non-government product regulations, namely the establishment of a pool of tubing business managers. Regulation related to the permit that must be fulfilled by the management of tubing business in the form of water utilization permit, river reclamation permit, disturbance permit and place of business, and cooperate with several agencies such as National SAR Agency, local police, and insurance agency.


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